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Oh my!

Posted by Chuck on 2013-12-23 00:33:55, Monday

Had a big intro post, all well edited and everything, and *i* just lost it! MY mistake!!! (being unusual, it is possible that other energies took liberties with me, yes?)

It was basically about the value of seeing our commonalities regardless of spiritual or religious approach, while not allowing dogma to be applied. Having said that, i see that when Martial wills force religion to subordinate to its alienated "interests", the excellence of its fundamental claims become meaningless.

i also had two ideas i wanted to share. Hmm, let's see...

Oh yes:
a. What if Jesus has been visiting the myriad OTHER shapes of the Earth for the last 2000 years, and we humans cannot expect Jesus to come back so quickly! So those wishing to walk with her/him/etc. should just "hold their horses" and focus on aiding in inspiring Jesus to return! Also, why would Jesus want to return with all those crosses still showing themselves? (recalling the Bill Hicks comment on)

b. What if we are ALL Jesus? We ARE the children of whatever diety our poetry metaphors speak, after all! The only problem (as i see it) is that each generation gets denied to be WHO THEY TRULY ARE, and coerced or/and duped into submitting to Their Allotment In Life. Even if they claim "happiness" in that allotment (seeing value in whatever teaching), they have already still been denied who they were when they still remembered.

To conclude, i don't want to debate anything (yes, i know i've been a bit provocative to you all, just now). i am open to conversations, but i won't likely be here very much. i have my own spirituality which i have practiced in increasing meaningfulness over many years. So, don't try to "convert" me. Do feel free to invite me here if you see me posting somewhere, or speaking publicly (which i'm getting ready to do, again), and i will accept your invite. Because this may be a more convivial atmosphere for conversation, i don't know.

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