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A Beautiful Moment

Posted by marc on 2013-11-05 20:45:59, Tuesday

Just thought of a beautiful moment I'd like to share.

I was at a park with a boy. He's a very beautiful cute boy (I don't mean hot). He has big blue eyes and a very boyish personality. He also has a very likeable personality, as in he gets along with everybody.

I was lucky enough by circumstance to end up alone with him and we walked through this nice park on a beautiful day. At one moment, we noticed a whole lot of birds flying all around us. For five minutes, we both stopped and enjoyed the beauty that nature had to offer.

Looking back, I really appreciated being alone with this beautiful boy, being someone those boy really adores, and being able to share this special moment with him, both appreciating the beauty of nature.

PS I liked being alone with him because it makes the moment more special. If it was with a bunch of other people, to me it's no longer special. I don't know if this makes sense to other people?

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