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Re: Reasons for the change of statement

Posted by Anonymous for now on 2013-08-18 08:36:37, Sunday
In reply to Re: Reasons for the change of statement posted by Anonymous for now on 2013-08-17 17:33:36, Saturday

To expand on that a little more:

Let's look at the old fashioned brick and mortar equivalent of this forum. This forum, if it existed in meatspace instead of cyberspace would be something like a cafe; a Christian coffee shop. People who are Christian or have an interest in Christianity come in and hang out and talk a while. All kinds of characters make up our membership. We have fundamentalists, evangelicals, orthodox, catholics, and liberals. What binds us together is our love of boys and our desire to live out Christ-like lives. We come to this coffee shop and we hang out with other people who may or may not be similar to ourselves and we share and we explore our faith.

Let's continue with the cafe example. What you are proposing now is that we change the sign outside of our coffee shop so that it now says "we believe alcohol consumption is sinful". I use alcohol consumption as an example because it is a divisive non-essential belief that you are more likely to be less emotionally invested in than the non-essential belief you actually want to put on our sign. Would it be a good idea for a Christian coffee shop to do that? Would it be right for the shop owner to unilaterally decide that he is sick of all these liberals coming in here spreading their pro-wine views? Would it be right for him to alienate and practically kick out all of the Christians who see nothing wrong with having a glass of beer in order to protect the sensitive conservative Christians who might be offended by the knowledge that other Christians disagree with them on whether we should be allowed to imbibe alcohol?

That's what you are proposing here. You are choosing a non-essential belief that is important to you personally and suggesting that those who don't conform to it should withdraw from the forum because from now on this forum is intolerant of those who believe alcohol consumption is not sinful and should be legal.

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