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bye guys!

Posted by Tabernacle on 2013-05-26 19:21:00, Sunday

care about you.

i'm leaving the internet! LOL not really all of it, just the CL boards.

i'm not doing it because of cops or antis, i'm doing it because of the corruption within. VoA, GC, LL, these sites offer no sympathy or support to child lovers, in fact all they've done to me for the past 5 years is harass me continually.

i'm not leaving because of the harassment either, i've just given too much of my life to a group who doesn't reciprocate love at all.
i'm going back to youtube and facebook where i can be with kids, in private.

in love & service,

ps. if any childlovers are reading this, heed my advice, join, it's the only place that is safe for you. the rest of the sites are decoys intent on harming pedos. i wouldn't lie to you, my name is Honesty.

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