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Please help

Posted by SaschaAnnika on 2013-03-26 13:19:02, Tuesday

We are two sociology students from Aalborg University in Denmark. We are currently working on our bachelor project, where the main topic is paedophilia and this with a certain focus on the paedophile. We will initially emphasize that we are not journalists and also do not want to commit any kind of demonising for paedophiles.

We want from a neutral point of view to shed light on a subject that we believe, often exclusively staged from the child's point of view. So to say we are driven to know the man behind the "paedophile", in order to research how this integrates best in a society where it is otherwise often being hated and condemnation. Based on a lot of research we have experienced how paedophiles often feel unfairly treated and are persecuted and oppressed in society, which will also be one of our focus points.

We want to emphasize, that we do not have a sexual orientation aimed at children ourselves, but we think it is important that the subject paedophilia become illustrated from multiple angles in order to create a better understanding in society.

Our intention with this project is to create a greater focus on the person behind the paedophile, thus creating a contrast to the negative image, which often is characterized in the media. This is of course a simplified description of our field of interest; if you should have further questions, do not hesitate to ask.

We very much hope to hear from you.


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Sascha Krogh – mail:

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