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Re: Tabs gets preachy

Posted by Blackstone on 2013-03-09 02:12:29, Saturday
In reply to Tabs gets preachy posted by Tabernacle on 2013-03-08 20:19:44, Friday

You seem to have a false belief that discretion is synonymous with deceit or untruth. This is not the case. The fact is that the vast majority of people don't need to know about my sexual orientation; discussing that is simply of no value. They don't need to know that any more than they need to know about any other sin I might struggle with. Not telling people about my desires and struggles isn't deceptive in any way.

Now, of course there are people to whom it may be beneficial for me to tell. There may be a smaller group of people who are my close friends and with whom I do share my struggles and temptations. With those people, it may be worthwhile to be honest about my struggles. The bible does make a distinction between these kinds of relationships and relationships with Christians in general. The very verse you quoted uses that distinction, it tells you to be honest not with all believers or all people, but with "your neighbors" (that closer body of believers that nowadays we would call a cell group, small group, accountability group, life group, or just a group of friends).

As for being discreet online I would point you at the people who actually wrote the verses you are quoting and the people they were actually written for. These were people who established a secret church, complete with secret codes that would allow them to be discreet in their religious practice since being open about their beliefs could bring them death. Paul was called to evangelism and chose to live a lifestyle that would lead to martyrdom, but the people who spoke to were not and they all lived a covert Christian lifestyle. So, yes, it's ok to be discreet and use security practices to ensure that only your Christian brothers can hear what you say, at least one of the authors you quoted (James) did exactly that.

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