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Need advice, prayer or both.

Posted by Chris on 2013-02-04 18:17:31, Monday

About five months ago I quit my job. I had been employed there for quite a few years but because of issues with my back and other things I just quit. I simply couldn't take it any more. I was going to the doctor almost every other week and calling in sick almost every week. You know, the body gets worn out after a while. I knew I wouldn't be able to get any kind of disability because my employer is notorious at fighting that kind of thing. I didn't qualify for unemployment because I just quit; so basically I've been living off my savings and a few odd jobs I could get.

But now my money is running out and I need to find some kind of work but I know I can't do anything that involves too much heavy lifting. Where I live my options are very limited. That and I've been off work for so long I have kind of lost confidence in myself. Not good.

I know I had to be kind of vague about my circumstances with this post but hopefully you get the gist of my situation.


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