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yf and gf

Posted by marc on 2012-12-05 17:40:55, Wednesday

my yf is going approaching the age of opposite gender attraction. ya maybe i'll get lucky and he'll turn out gay and we can live happily ever after etc. etc. but realistically that's not likely. just thinking/imagining about him with a girl on that level of intimacy...makes me feel like i'd rather die.

assuming he's straight and will be pursuing girls:

i dont want to hold him back. it's not his responsibility to take care of me, especially for the rest of our lives.

i dont want him to make big sacrifices in his life for my happiness. if he has to suffer for me to be happy then something is really really wrong and i wouldnt be happy anyway

he's the first person ive ever met that it's more than likely that he would make extreme sacrifices for me (if he knew it was something i wanted) i actually feel he loves me.

on one hand a good relationship is give and take, on the other hand i dont see any alternatives to

a) he sacrifices his happiness for me, or
b) i end up doing something "stupid" that will likely hurt him deeply.

our relationship gets stronger everyday but i feel like it's all leading up to something terrible and one day we are going to fall off a cliff.

please advise

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