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Re: Some questions?

Posted by Splash* on 2012-12-05 09:10:03, Wednesday
In reply to Some questions? posted by question on 2012-10-10 00:14:15, Wednesday

I really enjoyed reading everyone's answers. Apparently, the original poster lost interest or seemingly this site was down for awhile? I'd like to see what he/she came up with.

How old are you?
An adult. ;) Married with children.

What aged boys are you usually attracted to?
It varies. Usually 8-14. (could be younger or older) Mostly 10-12.

Do you consider yourself a homosexual because of it?
I thought I was bisexual growing up, and though my attraction for girls/women was mostly for those of my same age as I grew up, my attraction for boys never really changed. I rarely found men attractive. I came to terms with being a "boy lover" in my 20s.

Did you find it difficult to manage with life before you were able to socialise with like-minded individuals?
I doubt anyone would've said I was anything other than "normal" -- I pretty much did everything most other kids did -- had a lot of friends, did well in school, played the same games and sports, etc. Though I did grow up with a single mom and a distant father which made me feel like I was lacking something I greatly desired -- a large loving family. I always was an intense thinker and my own person (which might've made me appear as a loner of sorts), but I rarely had a problem fitting in or getting along with 'most everybody else. All at the same time wanting a friend who I could confide in about these feelings -- not really knowing what it was about. I figured I was the only person (specifically, Christian) going through this inner struggle, until I found this forum which was a great help to me in the early days (I used to post here quite frequently) and really come to terms with being a Christian boylover and explore what it all really meant. So yeah, that part of life is now much easier for me to manage, as you say.

What do you personally feel that the age of consent should be?
Marriage. I was glad to see some others respond in the same manner.

What qualities do you prefer in a yf
To be a genuinely good person. I like nice, warm, friendly, and fun-loving personalities.

and Is your relationship, in your opinion, based on a sexual or friendly bond? (assuming that you don't act on any sexual desires)
The relationships are based more on friendship than anything; though, I suppose my "attraction" does figure into my wanting to be a friend with some more strongly than with others. It depends. I mean, when you see two hungry people on the side of the road, do you give a piece of bread to the one that is clearly starving, or do you stop to give that same piece of bread to the one you find more attractive and might want to befriend? I'd hope to say my heart could find an easy answer to that question, but we are often swayed by selfish motivation.


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