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Re: Some questions?

Posted by Cinema Strange on 2012-11-20 20:34:53, Tuesday
In reply to Some questions? posted by question on 2012-10-10 00:14:15, Wednesday

I am not primarily a boylover, but since I do like boys sometimes I will answer. :)

How old are you?

I am in my early 20s.

What aged boys are you usually attracted to?

8-18, Im attracted to boys who have hit puberty and beyond.

(if you are male) Do you consider yourself a homosexual because of it?

I am female.

Did you find it difficult to manage with life before you were able to socialise with like-minded individuals?

I find life difficult to manage mostly for other reasons. It is easier to socialize with like-minded people or people who know about my attraction and are okay with it, but if i limited my friends to only those types of people I would have few friends. It is only hard to socialize with people who are not like-minded when a topic like pedophilia comes up and they say comments about how could you possibly be attracted to children, theres nothing attractive about a child, or how such and such person should get their balls cut off.

What do you personally feel that the age of consent should be?

13-15. I pick this age because that is when I, personally, was able to consent to sex. I do not have a problem with the age of consent right now but I have a problem with rules like "If you're 16 you can have sex with an 18yo but not a 25yo". I think there should be an age and thats it. No double standards, no extra rules.

What qualities do you prefer in a yf, and Is your relationship, in your opinion, based on a sexual or friendly bond? (assuming that you don't act on any sexual desires)

I don't have a yf relationship right now, but I would prefer them to be imaginative, fun, nice, and accepting of people who are different than them. If they had some of those qualities, it would likely be more of a friendly bond. If they had none of those qualities, it would only be a sexual thing for me, but I would not act on it.

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