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Re: Some questions?

Posted by Cat on 2012-11-14 15:46:49, Wednesday
In reply to Some questions? posted by question on 2012-10-10 00:14:15, Wednesday

How old are you?
Middle aged

What aged boys are you usually attracted to?
8 to preteen

(if you are male) Do you consider yourself a homosexual because of it?
Yes male. Not at all attracted to women or men so... not really "homosexual" But it's complicated. The older I get the younger teen boys seem to be so the more attractive I find them. Nevertheless any post pubescent development generally puts me off (both physically and emotionally). I also see myself as a boy trapped in an adult body... like I said... complicated.

Did you find it difficult to manage with life before you were able to socialise with like-minded individuals?
Absolutely! I was suicidal and lonely and generally not at all coping with life before I found this board in particular.
I learned so much about being a boylover from these guys and discovered I wasn't a molester waiting to happen.

What do you personally feel that the age of consent should be?
I believe the only appropriate place for a sexual relationship is within marriage. I really don't have an age limit on marriage, though I feel in general that a certain degree of maturity is necessary in selecting one's life partner.

What qualities do you prefer in a yf, and Is your relationship, in your opinion, based on a sexual or friendly bond? (assuming that you don't act on any sexual desires)
I am drawn to shy, introverted, gentle boys. I have an appearance type I particularly like... and if you combine the two together I would generally be VERY attracted. If the boy has the right look but not the right personality, then I'm generally not interested in pursuing a close bond with him. Whilst the sexual attraction is significant, I don't let it determine the nature of the relationship at all. My place is to be a friend and mentor to any boys in my life and to keep away from all things sexual. If I happen to swoon in his presence and feel intense joy and energy in his company, well that's my own private blessing.

Godbless in your assignment


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