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Re: Is God jealous of boys?

Posted by Cat on 2012-11-14 15:06:55, Wednesday
In reply to Is God jealous of boys? posted by anonymous on 2012-10-13 18:11:42, Saturday

I have a similar but somewhat less condemnatory take on this issue.

I believe that what God wants from me is that I don't actually go out and sex boys... the desire itself is neutral and can be turned towards God.

So when I see the beauty that inspires my, shall we say, "worship" I don't try and see that as in competition with God but rather as complimentary to it.

So I see the beautiful boy and I say, "Dear God, you have made such a spectacularly beautiful creature. So magnificent, so sublime, so sexually marvelous. All this is the work of Your hands. His glory, as magnificent as it is, is really a reflection of Your glory... how awesome You are. Help me to love him and honour him as You would have me do."

The only parts I feel the need to "purge" are the parts that say "do something sinful *with* this boy".



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