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Re: Some questions?

Posted by anon on 2012-10-11 03:45:25, Thursday
In reply to Some questions? posted by question on 2012-10-10 00:14:15, Wednesday

1. Early 30s
2. 8 to 12
3. No
4. Definitely. I thought I was a monster who hadnt been let loose yet but would surely one day prey on the innocent. Thankfully, I discovered the bl community which helped me get in touch with the more positive side of my attraction and taught me that we are not defined by our desires but by our actions and that our actions dont have to be dictated by our desires. I learned of the positive bl lifestyle from the bl community and without it I probably would have fulfilled the prophecy I made for myself and become the monster I already thought I was.
5. In our current society, probably in the 14-16 range. In a society that has outgrown its fear of childhood sexuality and lifted the taboos on sex in general, I think age of consent would wind up being irrelevant.
6. Its too difficult to narrow down the qualities I like into a list tidy enough to post here. There is a lot to like about shy boys as well outgoing ones, goofy ones and silent ones, smart ones and sporty ones, I really dont know that I can make a good list of qualities I like. As for specific relationships, each one has been different. Some have been more focused on the friendship aspect, being best buds. Others have had a more mentoring aspect to it. Others wind up being more of a romantic nature. Each has been different so far, Ive seen no pattern.

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