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Posted by Dakota on 2012-10-10 04:59:54, Wednesday

How old are you?

Somewhere between 45 and 60. (privacy concerns)

What aged boys are you usually attracted to?

Generally from 10 to 14.

(if you are male) Do you consider yourself a homosexual because of it?

I certainly must have some homosexual tendancies, but no. I'm not in the least attracted to grown men, so I'm not a homosexual. Also, strangely, I AM attracted to grown women. I found that this isn't unusual. So I consider myself a straight boylover. But there are homosexual boylovers too.

Did you find it difficult to manage with life before you were able to socialise with like-minded individuals?

Yes. The feelings of isolation were terrible.

What do you personally feel that the age of consent should be?

Hard to say. It depends on the maturity of the boy. But if you need a number, I would say 16.

What qualities do you prefer in a yf,

Another hard question to answer. What qualities do you look for in a girl? I must admit that their cuteness is probably the first thing I notice. Then I wonder if there is any way I could be of benefit to him in his life. Most non-boylovers don't believe this, but my main desire (stronger than the sexual desire) is to protect him, or mentor him if he needs it. Society calls it "grooming" a potential victim, and I'm not saying that never happens, but many of us just want the pleasure of helping a boy thru his growing years. It's very fulfilling to see some of the mentoring paying off.

Is your relationship, in your opinion, based on a sexual or friendly bond? (assuming that you don't act on any sexual desires)

The sexual attraction is always there, but my YF relationships in the past have always been based on friendship and mutual respect. And no, I don't act on my sexual desires.


I'm sorry for the trouble, I just don't know where else I could get this information straight from the people themselves as this seems to be the most moral forum

It's no trouble. But keep in mind that this is a very slow moving board at times. You may have to wait awhile to get many replies. You could always try Boychat. There is a very wide variety of boylovers there. Personally, I don't care for it. Too many rude and mean people there. But it does move a lot faster.

i don't know any boylovers in real life, as far as I'm aware.

Believe me, you DO know some boylovers in real life, maybe several. But we keep our desires secret due to the stigma and the adverse affect the knowledge would have on our lives. Remember, the only boylovers you hear about are the ones that molest and are caught.

Keep in mind that feelings and desires are not immoral or wrong. Actions may be. No one can control how they feel or what or who they are attracted to. They can only control their actions. Most of us resent being painted with the same wide brush that they paint molesters with. And there are a lot of child molesters that aren't boylovers at all. They're just looking for the most vulnerable target. And molesting boys (who are somewhat like women in appearance) is easier for them than trying to rape a woman. But I do admit there ARE some boylovers who molest, such as Jerry Sandusky.

Something else many boylovers resent (I know I do) is how the media portrays us. How many times have you heard about someone being arrested for pedophilia? Being a pedophile is not a crime. Molestation is. But by saying it that way, it implies that every pedophile is a molester. You'll find many people believe this, due largely to media hype. I remember reading a news story that said a "suspected pedophile" (not a suspected molester) was caught in the company of a half nude boy. When I dug deeper in the story, I found that the "half nude boy" was a boy that had his shirt off on a hot summer day. But saying half nude is more tittilating and sells more papers.

Something else you might want to explore for your paper: Virtually all studies done on pedophiles and pedophilia use data from convicted molesters, since that is the only way anyone is going to admit being a pedophile. That's like doing a study on male sexuallity using only convicted rapists. So the conclusions are usually skewed.

Good luck on your paper. I hope you get an A.


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