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my amazing yf

Posted by marc on 2012-09-08 06:25:39, Saturday

wow. i've never met anyone, let alone a kid, quite like him. he is so mature and intelligent for his age. it scares me sometimes actually.

his personality and mine are also very similar. if you knew me in real life you would know this is quite extraordinary.

honestly i had basically given up finding anybody like him. i may be still young compared to most people but to experience something so completely novel and intense as an's AMAZING!

i've met many boys in my short life and 99.9% of them i have no real connection with and my first yfs were more of a they needed a male figure and i needed a boy to love. but this time it's different, i feel like i can really connect with this kid. coming from someone who cant connect with 99.9999% of the world (any age gender ethnicity w/e) do so with a beautiful boy is a miracle.

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