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Re: On Religion

Posted by Dog on 2012-07-19 01:17:59, Thursday
In reply to Re: On Religion posted by Blackstone on 2012-07-18 02:25:07, Wednesday

These days I only go to synagogue on the occasions I mentioned earlier. Maybe I'll share the reasons in another post some time. A few of my relatives keep kosher and celebrate sabbath but for the most part most are like me in the religious regard. I respect and understand a lot of the traditions, but at the end of the day nothing will stop me from eating a delicious bacon, egg and cheese croissant breakfast, or a lobster or crab leg dinner with melted butter.. or driving my vehicle after sundown on Friday..

My Bar Mitzvah night was when I drank my first beer. I was never really a wine person. Growing up when we said the havdalah - the blessing over the wine- the kids always drank grape juice. Sadly, today I'm probably more knowledgeable about world beer than Judaism.

One of my friends I grew up with came to my ceremony and party (he's also Christian), remembers a contest where the first person to blow up a balloon until it popped won a CD. He actually still has the CD that he won and always sings the title of one of the songs on the rare occasions that we meet. And it's been some years..

Your limited exposure to Judaism is reciprocal to my limited exposure to Christianity. Who knows, maybe we can learn something from each other? You probably wont hear me quoting anything from 'the book' though. Not any time soon.

Again, forgive my ignorance, but don't Judaism and Christianity share the Old Testament? I think Deuteronomy was the end for the Torah.. I think.

Either way, I doubt it says anything about BL.

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