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It's a deeply biased article

Posted by Kristofor on 2012-03-26 23:16:40, Monday
In reply to Hey, look, we're in a book... posted by qwerty on 2012-03-17 17:50:44, Saturday

In it, everyone who gives a true account of a genuinely good experience in their life is considered to be networking to promote crime.

If people took this attitude to any other legal matters, all laws would be frozen for all time. None could be discussed and we would be permanently stuck with every folly that had ever been embedded in legislation.

We would never have eliminated slavery, because all talk of slaves being intelligent, equal humans would have been incitement to steal people's legal property.

Clearly the beneficiality of all laws has to be open to criticism and re-evaluation in any society with even the slightest respect for free speech. Unfortunately the authors of this article have no regard whatsoever for free speech.

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