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A lantern on a dark day

Posted by Kristofor on 2011-12-04 20:49:29, Sunday

I'm really taken aback by the low level of activity on our two Christian BL fora these days, cblf and cjat.

I can understand it - the constant hazing of abuse scandals, cp busts, and the cyberterror sites. But it's distressing.

I realized, though, that as a person also active in the gay community, I've lived through a period like this before. The dark days of AIDS when friends and acquaintances were dying by the score and everyone else was worried.

That turned out in the long run to be a watershed, showing how much gay guys and their community friends could care about each other. It generated a culture that valued things like love and families rather than just accomplishing every possible sexual fantasy with every available person.

This time in BL history is our epidemic, and we at our Christian sites have to hold the line, knowing that we are the future. The opportunistic attitudes that led to a lot of the scandals of today will be replaced by our care and our devotion to eternal values.

I've dedicated my devotional this week to this topic.

• ( http link ) Our Love is the Future

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