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Re: i REALLY need a boy

Posted by Newlife on 2011-11-02 23:28:10, Wednesday
In reply to i REALLY need a boy posted by marc on 2011-10-24 06:23:03, Monday

Hi marc,

I know exactely how you feel and I have suffered from longings like that for many many years now.

Of course a friendship with a boy can be wonderful. But don't forget that there can also be lots of dissapointments in a friendship like that. I heared about a boylover who cried all night because his young friend forgot to call him and many other stories like that. Probably most of the boylovers with young friends have to deal with that kind of problems.

If you don't have enough other things in life that make you happy (for example your job, your hobbies or good friendships with adults) you might not be able to deal with those problems. Then a friendship with a boy could make your despair even worse.

But I really don't want to sound like a teacher. I have the same problems like you, believe me!


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