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Re: i REALLY need a boy

Posted by Blackstone on 2011-10-24 17:04:48, Monday
In reply to i REALLY need a boy posted by marc on 2011-10-24 06:23:03, Monday

My apologies, I said what I did about R/C cars in jest. One time, I had an R/C car and I stepped outside to try it out and within minutes there was a gaggle of kids around me cheering me on and hoping they could get a turn at trying it out. So, when people ask me about how to attract boys, that instance comes to mind. But I was only joking because, while this would probably work, it would feel kinda weird to pick up a hobby you truly have no interest in just to attract boys.

I believe you need to find some hobbies you do have interest in. It sounds to me like you need things that bring enjoyment to your life. Forget about boys for a moment and just imagine what kinds of things you might think would be cool to get into. If you're an indoors type maybe its tabletop games, RPGs, card games, or miniatures games. So, go to a store that deals in that type of stuff and see what kind of games they got going on. While you are at it, select as your game of choice the one that has the added bonus of having the most younger players. If you are more of an outdoors type, maybe it's time you bought yourself a snowboard, mountain bike, or something along those lines. Meet people who are into those things and start going on outings with them. Consider joining the scouts. Do stuff besides sitting at home and you will feel better, plus you will increase your chances of encountering boys. Even if the hobbies you pick up wind up not having any boys in them at all, you might end up coming into contact with boys indirectly, for example you might wind up becoming friends with someone who has children through that hobby and you could eventually become a family friend.

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