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Re: Azov

Posted by Blackstone on 2011-10-15 03:02:19, Saturday
In reply to Azov posted by Nash on 2011-10-13 07:34:30, Thursday

Wow! a blast from the past...
haven't seen you around here in ages.

As for the material in question, it really depends on your jurisdiction and even then it may be impossible for any of us to say. Where I live, lawyers rarely "green light" a particular act as being legal. Instead, lawyers speak in terms of the amount of "exposure to law suits and/or criminal charges" that a certain action might carry. Things simply aren't black and white in the legal world and are often in flux. The state of naturist videos is probably one of those things deep in the gray area where it might fall into the legal category or it might not. Ultimately, you are going to have to decide for yourself how much you risk you are willing to take. In my opinion, the benefits of keeping such videos are so small that if I had any, it would take a very small amount of risk for me to decide that they are not worth keeping. How much is the material worth to you? Answer that question and you have your answer.

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