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Here's mine:

Posted by Youth?? on 2011-10-07 02:22:22, Friday
In reply to Girl lovers posted by AJ on 2011-10-06 11:26:01, Thursday

Yuck, girls.
I'm only kidding.

One hand:
+Both are undergoing the same trouble
+Both are attracted to 'youth' and gender would be the only variable.

On the other hand:
+I've only known one GL in real life, and he is vastly, vastly different than me and my attractions in every way, so the things I listed above may not even apply.
+Boys and Girls are verrrrry different (Health Class 101) and what we are attracted to may be very different.

Side note: some people out there are attracted to children in general for one reason or another.

But in the end, they should NOT feel unwelcomed, we're all going through something SORT OF the same, but I'd hate to embarass myself trying to put myself in their shoes.

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