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Movie Revue...attn. Blackstone

Posted by Chris on 2011-10-01 22:41:42, Saturday

I wanted to make sure that Blackstone saw this post (although I'm sure he probably would anyway...) because this movie might be of particular interest to him. The movie is called "Johnny" and it is about a very special ten year old boy who is dying from leukemia. However, even though he is dying, he loves Jesus and has incredible faith in Him. He is also an orphan and believes he has been put on earth for a special mission. One day his regular doctor refers him to a cancer specialist and this man finds out that the boy is an orphan and this touches his heart, so he decides to adopt him. Even though he knows the boy's days are few, he takes him into his home. There is another twist to this story; the family who takes him in lost a young boy two years prior in a car accident. Not only does Johnny touch their hearts, he also introduces them to the Lord.

You know, I just watched this movie on Netflix direct streaming and pretty much lost it right in the library. This movie is absolutely beautiful and although it is sad, it will be a blessing for your heart. Jerry Phillips is the young actor who plays Johnny, Mel Far stars as the Doctor who takes him in. Lee Majors also stars in this movie as his regular doctor. The movie was released in 2010 and is available on DVD. I've just purchased two copies of it online. One for my own library and one for my church. I highly recommend this movie for literally anyone but especially for anyone who is close to someone who either has cancer or is dying. Be prepared to shed some tears but also be prepared to have your heart touched and filled with love for God. No kidding, this movie IS that good.


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