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Posted by Globulus on 2011-07-15 16:06:43, Friday


It's Been a year or so since I last posted, not sure if im I'm in the minority or not but still think our BL is something we should try and overcome. Don't know if it's the pressure from socitey or just my determination to put asided my feelings to make a better tommorrow that makes me think this. So stay strong those still trying to fight those BL thoughts... with Gods help we can overcome...

Anyway thats not the reason I'm posting...
I'm wanting an opinon on how to handle pressure. I am considered, and have been told, that I'm expected to take over reigns of multi-million dollar orgainsation, although I really don't want to...
I want to spend my life committed to a higher cause, volunterring and helping where I'm able etc. (arrogance I know, but I want to help where able).
How do I let those people down who have trained me and expect me to take over the rungs from their organisation when they have put so much into me?

P.S. I know my spelling and grammer may be slightly out but has taken a few beers to post this message, hard for me to post this message when the implications coul be disastorus for me if word got out that I was a recovering BL. Still don't really trust the internet and feel as if some one is always watching what I type.

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