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New Book

Posted by Orphan on 2011-07-05 00:53:32, Tuesday

Okay, it's actually not a new book, I got it while in high school, but can better appreciate its contents these days.

The book is called The Language of God - A scientist presents his reasons for belief, by Francis Collins.

I've always been a logically minded person, and growing up that was my biggest issue with religion. Even as a kid, I found evolution was just the only way humans developed, but trying to ask religious leaders was pointless. None of them could in any way help with that - and most christians dont even accept it as truth (I was super shocked when I found that out) - and I've always found math appealing for the fundamental truths it reveals about the world.

That said, this book seems purpose-made for me, and it addresses all concerns that I had, and still somewhat have as a new-ish christian.

I could see it as a good read both for logic minded people looking at religion, or for religion people looking at science. It's managed to reconcile faith and science in my book.

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