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Been busy but it's been fun.

Posted by Chris on 2011-06-15 23:42:00, Wednesday

Recently a B.L. friend of mine has moved to my town and found work. He was without work for a long time, so this has been an excellent thing for him. For both of us, really. It is so cool to have a friend like that to hang out with and do things with. We have been doing a lot of fishing and he has been attending my church, which I think he is really starting to like a lot. Anyway, last Sunday another church in town hosted a concert. It was a Boys Choir. Of course you know we not only attended the concert but we HAD to sit right up front. I think a couple of the boys might have had us pegged as B.L.s from the smiles on their faces when they looked at us, but that's cool. Oh man, they were sooooooooo beautiful! They sang so beautifully. And after the concert we were able to meet them and talk with them. Part of their program is that they are taught traditional manners. They are taught to say, "Yes sir, and no sir" and to take their hats off inside and not to chew gum in public. Stuff like that. So it was a huge pleasure to meet them and talk to them. Some kids today are so impolite that you don't even want to start a conversation with them. I could have talked to these boys all day long. I could have listened to them sing all day long, too. They were ages 8 to 14, a choir of 24 boys. What a huge treat. I think they are going to come back next year, so I am going to talk to the pastor at that church and see if perhaps they would like me to BBQ for them. Wouldn't THAT be cool?


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