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Re: Question 1

Posted by Blackstone on 2011-06-14 00:51:04, Tuesday
In reply to Question 1 posted by Cat on 2011-06-10 00:27:11, Friday

Despite the fact I face challenges many others don't, it's tough to complain. I live a truly blessed life. I've seen a 12 year old kid grab a piece of ice cream off the filthy pavement and put it in his mouth in order not to waste any of the ice cream cone I'd bought him. I've seen kids walking around barefoot with filthy torn up clothes they outgrew long ago, through busy streets past people who no longer seem to see them anymore. I've met adults who gave up their children because they knew they couldn't afford to feed them. I haven't even seen the worst of it; the world is filled poverty stricken or war torn nations where people live lives far more challenging than the one I was born into. It's tough to complain when you realize just how blessed you are.

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