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Little Leager dies

Posted by Dakota on 2011-06-04 17:18:32, Saturday

I'm not one who posts many news items. But since the only posts recently have been related to the purpose driven life study (which I'm glad to see has taken off well but am sadly too busy to join), I thought I'd mention a sad story I read about on Yahoo news.

A 13YO boy died after being struck in the chest with a pitch at a Little League game. What makes this even sadder is that by all accounts, this boy was the kind of kid any parent would want. He mowed lawns and helped elderly neighbors. I've personally tried to find kids who I could pay to mow my lawn, and believe me, there are darn few who will do such "manual labor" any more.

Senseless death is always a tragedy, but even more so when it happens to someone who hasn't yet fully lived. It makes me sad. The link to the story is below.


• ( http link )

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