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Re: Question 2

Posted by Blackstone on 2011-05-24 01:51:56, Tuesday
In reply to posted by on 0 August 25 2013-- 17:07:07, Wednesday

I think so, we will meet with those who died in Christ before us. I believe in a hierarchically structured afterlife where the more you did for the kingdom in your first life, the higher your position will be in your second. That's a fairly controversial stance, but one I think there is good biblical evidence for.

Likewise, I also don't believe heaven is where most of us will spend most of our time. I believe after the second coming, a new age will begin on Earth and we will inherit the Eart, this Earth we are living on right now. We will be able to go to heaven, to visit God and those who do live in heaven, but most of us will be living our day to day lives on Earth, in the newly restored Earth now free from sin.

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