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Why do many hate boylovers?

Posted by joey1 on 2011-05-23 04:42:40, Monday

Think about it. The word "Hate" is not a Christian way of thinking or ever even thought of. To most GOD loving people the word "HATE" is unknown.

If you do some research on the net, 85% of anti boylovers are men. Why & what do they see that they hate so much??????

I will tell why & where some of the hate came from. It is the fact he looked at the boy down the street or at the mall who was 10 or 12 years old & felt somewhat aroused sexually at the boys cute smile & small butt or something like that. He hates that he had those thoughts. In reality he hates himself for having those thoughts so now he tries to take away all that self hatred & move it to some others. This is a way some deal with aspects of there life as an escape, which they most likely never will deal with. This can also apply to the few women & people with incest feeling towards boy/girls. What I am saying here is there hate is just a misdirected hate & ignorance.

A true Christian will pray to GOD & GOD is very understanding & guide them. When that guy goes home at night & masterbates about who he looked at very soon after the self hate & guilt sets in, he looks for an outlet for the self hate. This is usually a person with no GOD in his life & takes his self hatred out on others as an outlet.

Look at kids who bully kids. It is the same thing. I read a story on the net from a boy 17 who admitted he bullied a gay boy his age when he was 13. He was so very sorry in his post as by the time he was 15 he knew he himself was gay, his way of hiding even to him self was to bully that poor 13yo gay boy, he said he was crying as he typed it. Thankfully he had found GOD & some peace in his life. It is sad so many adults never find that love & peace. Pray for them.

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