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Super neat BM.

Posted by Chris on 2011-05-18 00:02:06, Wednesday

What was it, last week when I posted that the one boy at my church doesn't like me? Well....I guess he still doesn't like me but oh well! First thing, I've made my mind up to just stop trying to be his buddy or even some kind of a friend. Not that I am going to stop being friendly towards him, but I am going to stop trying to go out of my way to talk to him. Obviously, for whatever reason, he doesn't like me. This kind of made me a little blue for a while, but then Saturday rolled around and the coolest thing happened.

If you know anything about me, you know that I am extremely shy around boys and have a really hard time talking to them. Well, I was doing my dishes this Saturday afternoon, talking to Nash on the phone, when I saw two boys ride their bikes right by my kitchen window. This is not something that happens a lot....actually closer to never...because my window looks out into a fenced in side lot that is off-limits to kids on bikes or anyone who does not live in my building. But then I realized what was going on when the landlords young son also rode past on his little bike. I could see that the boys were either friends of his or his cousins. (I think they are his cousins) Then while I was watching them play and doing my dishes, etc, the landlord shows up and starts to build this ramp thing for them to ride their bikes on out of scrap lumber....right in front of my window. I mean I could literally look out and they would be sitting on their bikes right at eye level. Of course they all could see that I was standing there watching them play, I had no choice, I had to do my dishes and had to finish cooking all the food I was cooking. There was a big pot luck last Sunday and I was doing a bunch of food for that plus I had forgot about that and took some ribs out of the freezer, so I had to get those ready to do on the grill. You can't refreeze them. So the boys took turns riding their bikes up and down the ramp and they would just stare at me at first, but then they started to wave at I waved back

So after a while I decided to plug in my guitar and crank the amp and do some practicing for a while. I had a little time to kill while the food was cooking. So I started to jam out and really let'er rip. I don't know, I guess the boys inspired me. All of a sudden here was this cute little face pressed against my big dinning room window. It was one of the boys and he was watching me play. He waved at me so I waved back and when I was done playing and back to cooking, he yelled through my window, "Hey, your really good!" I said thank you and that started a conversation about guitars through my window. He told me that he also plays electric guitar and he told me what kind he has, then he asked about what kind mine is. So I told him and then I asked him if he likes the Blues. He said he does but he doesn't have any Blues CD's. So then I got to thinking about that..."How can you NOT have any Blues music?". I dug around in my CD collection and came up with a CD I didn't mind getting rid of. So I took it out there and gave it to him. Then after a while I had to fire my grill up to do the ribs, so I went outside again and the boys all kind of gathered around me, especially the one interested in guitar. He started asking all kinds of questions about my guitars, so I asked him if he wanted to see them. His eyes got all big and he said "YEAH!", so believe it or not I had all three of those boys in my apartment checking out my guitars. His brother asked if he could play my Strat, so I said sure and I helped him put it over his shoulder. Then the one boy asked if he could play my tele, so I said sure. It was so cool!!! The boy playing my strat couldn't really play so he gave it back after a little bit, but the other boy, the one who was so interested from the beginning, knew a few things and he showed me. We talked for quite a while about guitars and playing and he was so interested in my guitars and my amps and everything. AND he wanted to watch me play, too. I showed him a few easy licks he could do and we had a lot of fun. I could have done that all night long but then the landlord called to them to come out to the fire they had going on to do smores.

No let me tell you, THAT was a huge landmark for me. I haven't been in the company of boys like that for years and oh felt so good! I felt so alive! Gosh I hope those boys will be coming over a lot this summer.


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