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Re: He doesn't like me.

Posted by Nash on 2011-05-11 05:57:53, Wednesday
In reply to He doesn't like me. posted by Chris on 2011-05-11 00:23:47, Wednesday

We just recently talked on the phone, you did not go into detail about this. Talk to me, open up to me ok. But like i told you also recently, just because he does not talk to you, it does not mean he dislikes you. He may have had a bad day etc. I suggest to you, to go boldy, go and ask him. Tell him you like him and his music. I know this is bold, but i suggest you say to him "Can i ask why you dislike me?'. It is an honest approach, and he may respect that. He may also be encouraged to tell you the truth. You may not like the truth he says, but it will be honest.

Knowing why somebody dislikes you, can encourage you to change, but then again, if somebody dislikes you, for just being yourself, then that person needs to change to accept you. You are you, and always will be you, people should not change themselves just to be accepted by others. If you are happy with yourself, your well being, how you think, how you accept etc. Then that is great!

I say, "Accept me as i am, the person i am, if not, then have a better day". I will not dislike you for not accepting me, but i appreciate your honesty.

Give it some more time Chris. If you did not talk to him on sunday, then why assume he dislikes you? You have to talk to him and ask to get the truth. Just my opinion. Sorry for a long reply.


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