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Christian Boylove Forum Book Study

Posted by Webmaster on 2011-05-10 04:25:16, Tuesday

Our first book study will begin this Thursday (according to the server time, which is set to GMT).

The book is "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren. If you have not yet purchased it, you should do so. If you are unsure whether you will be participating and want to try it out first, the first seven chapters are available for free here:

Here is how the study will proceed:
1. Everyone should read one chapter of the book every Monday and Thursday morning beginning with this coming Thursday. Throughout the day, think about what you read and how it applies to you. Don't be too worried about the idea of having to read a whole chapter in one sitting, these chapters are very small and can easily be read in 15-20 minutes. If you really think you might not be able to read it that quickly, go ahead and read the first chapter today so you can get an idea on what it is like.
2. Every Monday and Thursday evening (at about 9:00pm GMT), there will be a post on CBF providing a BL perspective on the chapter we just read and giving us points to consider based on our unique situation as boylover Christians.
3. Cat will also be posting a series of questions at that time, all of which will appear individually below the main post.
4. If you are participating in the book study, you are invited to answer as many of the questions as you feel like addressing. You may also add more questions that you came up with yourself, and you may respond to the main post about that chapter.
5. An ongoing discussion is encouraged. You should feel free to respond to people's responses and continue to discuss the issue. However, keep in mind that the focus of this book study is discussion and not debate. Disagreeing with the book's point of view or the points of view expressed by others is understandable and speaking out on such disagreements is perfectly acceptable, but we don't want the Book Study to turn into a constant venue for serious debate.
6. Discussion on each chapter may continue until the day for the next chapter's discussion arrives (that would be the following Monday or Thursday). At that point, discussion on previous chapters is closed and the discussions up to that date may be archived by being moved into the "Devotionals" section of the forum.

This study should take us through the summer. If life keeps you from going online for a week or two but you want to continue doing the study, you are encouraged to take the book with you and read the chapters while you are away even if you will not be able to participate in any discussion for that time period.

Edit: Changed "Tuesday" to "Monday"

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