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Update of my arrest

Posted by William on 2011-05-09 21:28:26, Monday

Sooner than expected my case has now been dropped after four months of the police examining my hard drive hoping to find porn.
I bonded with my yf, the suspected victim, on our 1st meeting 7 years ago. He had terrible behavioral problems but I have thoroughly enjoyed our friendship. His family is strongly peadophobic so all links have now been broken even though I cared for his 3rd stepdad for three years when aged 13, after he had run away from his abusive stepfather.
The arrest was because of an article I had written three years ago when I described our friendship as a ‘relationship’, and of course the police believed that a ‘relationship’ means sexual, which is a possibly a projection of their own behaviour!
It has been a traumatic experience and left me punch drunk though I’m now improving day by day and have excellent support locally because most of the men in my area were my friends when boys 40 years ago.
My bail order prevented my nephew and his wife staying with me over Christmas because they have a 13 year old daughter!
Due to the bail order I was outed as a paedophile to my family and friends but I am glad to have the opportunity to explain to them that many paedophiles are very caring people. It’s a relief to talk about 61 years of my boylove experiences.
An amusing coincidence of this fiasco is that I was locked in the same cell that my yf was locked into three years back when he went haywire for a day or two after his 3rd dad had deserted the family.
I have been suspected of doing bad things I never did from before I can remember so I have a hardened soul and can continue to enjoy life.
Many thanks for your prayers.

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