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The Purpose Driven Life update

Posted by Webmaster on 2011-05-05 03:08:05, Thursday

The date for the beginning of this study has been moved back by one day. The study will actually begin on Thursday, May 12th. If you plan on participating in this study, you should read the first chapter of the book on May 12th.

For those who have not done this study before or are unfamiliar with the book, it is important to note that the book is designed to be read one chapter per day. The chapters are very short and can typically be read in about 15 minutes. If you are a slow reader or if you are the type who likes to stop and contemplate what they have just read, it might take you up to 45 minutes to read a chapter. But it should not take more than that. Therefore, don't feel like you need to start reading on Monday so you can be ready for Thursday's discussion. You can just wait until Thursday morning and read the chapter before work or school or whatever, think about it during the day, jot some things down for later, and then come share your thoughts that evening.

We highly recommend that if you are reading the chapter the same day, you read it in the morning so that by the time you come online it has had time to marinate and you have been able to think about it throughout the day.

More details on the exact format will be released Monday.

(all times are server time, which is GMT)

For those of you who have not yet purchased the book, you can obtain a copy from or from your nearest bookstore. It is a very popular title, so it should be widely available even in secular bookstores. Here is a link to the page about the book:

If you are unsure whether this is something you want to do and you want to take it for a test run first, you can read the first 7 chapters of the book here: In that format it does not have chapter numbers however, so be sure you stop reading after the "Questions to Consider" section or else you will be reading ahead to the next chapter.

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