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wine coolers and condoms ?

Posted by You_Dumbass on 2011-04-25 19:10:27, Monday
In reply to My troubles with chat rooms, and a warning posted by Sh0_Cat on 2011-04-16 20:22:25, Saturday

Sounds like you don't care about anyone else in the world except gratifying your own desires. Had you really been a true boylover then you would have loved boys enough to make some sacrifices and put their physical health and mental well being before your desires instead of agreeing to participate in their underage drinking and sex.

I have never once visited a chatroom nor have I ever felt the need to do such a thing, you are chasing a fantasy and then trying to justify it by saying "It's how The Good Lord made us". Its about time you faced the truth and realized if the Lord made you this way is not so you can go against society's morals, ethics, the law, and jeopardize a child mental health by having sex with them and allowing them to drink...if the lord made you this way its to see how well you can control yourself, how responsible and unselfish you can be and prove to God that whilst everyone else is indulging in desires of the flesh you in fact deserve a place in his kingdom for showing so much restraint and respect for the young life he created.

You honestly think children are prepared to make decisions with full certainty and consent to sex with an adult and never think twice about it later? Children are indecisive, impulsive, moody and naive and a lot of the time they act out of ignorance only to later realize the extent of their actions, you have no right to make some kid feel abused because they happen to make an uninformed decision. if you want to be honest tell them your a pedophile and then see if they will have sex with you instead of resorting to dceptive tactics.

You really think any child is fantasizing about having sex with older men? Its you with the problem not them so get real and pull your head out of your fantasy world before you go and ruin some kids life and your own life even more.

Then you have the nerve to suggest we should use proxies to pull harmful and stupid behavior like you did, obviously you haven't learnt your lesson because here you are telling us how to commit a crime and get away with it rather then admitting how foolish and wrongfully you acted. People like you give us a bad name and I hold people like you accountable for the society's hatred of us. I do everything in my power to behave and act responsibly but because of idiots like you I am subjected to the same stereotyping. I know its not easy being a boylover and being lonely but deal with it because what your chasing is unrealistic and potentially harmful.

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