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Posted by Youth?? on 2011-04-22 01:12:42, Friday
In reply to Re: yeah....wasn't it good? posted by Chris on 2011-04-21 21:32:32, Thursday

You've been warned.

Okay so - no I didn't get to see any of the extra stuff, and I actually watched the movie again and was quite shocked to discover a GIANT hole in the story.

Bare with me.

When Woody and the gang are escaping Sunny Side, they are confronted by the pink bear, they exchange words, and then the baby get's mad. You physically watch the baby pick up Mr. Pink Bear and toss him into the dumpster and close the door.

So Woody and the gang continue on their journey by walking over the closed dumpster. Then they turn around and see one of the three squeaky alien toys stuck in the dumpster door... they go to rescue him, the bear pulls Woody in and the entire garbage truck/landfill scene (about 20 minutes) begins. The thing is, they where standing BEHIND everyone else in the garbage chute when the dumpster door was closed! WHAT THE HECK? So they magically appeared underneath it? Or they picked it up and slammed it on one of them without showing it in the movie? I honestly think they where trying to evade the ending a little and got carried away, but the start, most of the middle and the ending of the move is fantastic. But, the landfill tangent is based off of something unexplainable, and I was sad when I found it.

But anyway, the ending choked me up, because I don't really have anything that reminds me of being a kid. I wish I had stopped and 'smelled the roses' if you will - just a bit more, because now it's gone. We go from not a care in the world - to wanting to piss off our parents, to wanting to be an adult - to... not wanting to be an adult. Wanting to be a kid again. I wish I hadn't rubbed away so many memories, because - I wish I could plug my brain in to a TV and examine the good times in my life, instead of the bad ones which I've held on too. Andy had a good mom, a great life - and an entire one ahead of him, and tons of memories to look back on. I envy him. I guess most of us would.

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