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Re: Miracles

Posted by gaakz on 2011-04-19 06:05:31, Tuesday
In reply to Miracles posted by lion on 2011-04-18 11:48:13, Monday

i haven't seen any 'huge' miracles in person, but once, when my mom had a really terrible flu she asked me to read Psalm 91 out loud to her. as soon as i finished reading it all her symptoms were completely gone. we were shocked it worked, actually

also, pretty much all my life i've had really awful summer allergies to the point where going outside was impossible without taking pills. about 6 months ago, my pastor prayed for healing and now there aren't even hints of a runny nose when i'm exposed to the elements.

speaking of miracles: i've chronicled here the whole story of my YF and the debilitating depression/loneliness that's plagued me since we've been apart, and how it's incredibly hard for me to have contact with boys now, even as i'd love to have a new YF.

well, i've been trying to please the Lord in my daily life for some time now, after a rather long period of doing my own thing and really struggling with the christianity/homosexuality issue. God's been restoring me and teaching me much needed lessons, and i'm getting better; but He also had a real surprise in store for me!

the other day at our church we had a sort of cleanup gathering where everyone who wanted to could go and help. i really didn't want to go, was tired from work and pretty underslept, but something kept telling me to go and give em a i decided to do it for Him. i got there, put on a good attitude and much to my surprise i started having a good time. we were about halfway getting things done when these two boys [9 & 7yo, who i'd been sorta observing on & off since i joined this church] came in with their dad and also got to work.
before long i was bumping into them unexpectedly [i swear] and eventually little conversation started emerging. this went on for about an hour & 1/2
till everybody was done cleaning, then little groups of chitchat formed, and the boys gravitated toward me. after the initial panic of sustained contact with these wonderful creatures i regained my composure and had a weird but enjoyable time [having flashbacks of my YF while keeping the conversation interesting] in a surreal scene; me, talking to boys again, not knowing what to make of it.
in a short time it was announced that lunch was ready, and i, not being hungry, went to the sanctuary to play piano [that's my thing, everybody knows :)]. so the boys followed me and we had a lovely musical time, till their dad called them to eat something. i was expecting them to just go or whatever, but the 9yo was insistent that i come, and when i said i wasn't hungry [i'm really just extremely disinterested in social gatherings with adults, blame it on the aspergers] he wouldn't take 'no' for an answer so he GRABBED MY HAND AND DRAGGED ME ALL THE WAY THERE! :) :) :)
we had some food, and made a quiet exit back to the piano.

i ended up spending about 2 hours with them after that [i guess people have a lot to talk about] till their dad showed up and said it was time to go home. i had a blast tho! i feel completely revitalized, and i think my long dry spell may be over, but most of all, i thank God for orchestrating the whole thing, because i really believe it wouldn't have happened any other way. i've been in that church almost a year, mostly going out of habit, and boys never talked to me before...but as soon as i start obeying God this happens! and i didn't even have to consciously 'plan' anything, much the same way i met my YF.

i don't know about the long-term implications of this, i'm certainly not gonna push anything. i'm still not sure if i'm ready for a YF [or two], but this is good enough to keep me smiling for weeks to come!

I'd say it was a miracle

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