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how did you meet your YF?

Posted by lion on 2011-04-18 11:28:19, Monday

Please share how you met your YF and what you get up to?

I met my YF at a library one evening, I was reading a book on electronic circuits when this boy can up to me and ask how long I would still be busy with the book and that perhaps I could read a different book as I probably have no idea what the specific book is about. I was quite surprised (by the arrogance and how cute this 11year old was) and handed the book over while explaining that I in fact was busy building the radio system in the book, but if he has such a urgent need, that he is most welcome to have the book for now.

The boy didn't believe me so I invited him over to come and see for himself. This boy came to visit me almost ever Saturday afternoon. Often we would be busy till late at night building every circuit imaginable -things like hand clappy light switches, weather stations, remote control cars, power supplies, light effects and amplifiers later we even built simple robots and linked them to computers using micro controllers.

I often made us supper and sometimes we watched a DVD. While we built the project we talked about everything imaginable. We also listened to music. I never saw him on any day except Saturdays and I never met his parents. He always insisted on walking himself home and always reject my offer to take him home.

Shortly before his 13th birthday his parents got spilt up and he moved away with his mother. He phoned me recently telling me he misses me, I miss him too. He wouldn't give me his telephone number.

We never talked about anything sexual, we had clean fun. I suspect he didn't want me know where he lived, because he didn't want his parents to know he met with me. But why not? I suspect he didn't move far away, and I would have made an effort to see him. I feel hurt.

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