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Re: What can we do to stop it?

Posted by scotty on 2011-04-17 21:33:39, Sunday
In reply to Re: What can we do to stop it? posted by shocked on 2011-04-12 12:14:13, Tuesday

A long time ago I was told I should post something here by a couple of your regular members. I am BearBear better known to those who know me as Scott or Scotty, the author of the blog you are discussing in this thread. No, I am not a woman. Those are my real pictures you see on my blog. I do have an email address listed at my blog where you can ask questions or leave comments rather than speculate about who I am. I do not host a sharing site.

It is true that I was slowly led into a sexual relationship with Mr. P. I have been very honest in sharing that during that time it was pleasurable although somewhat awkward in the beginning for me. After he brought his friend several months later into the relationship one evening, all hell broke loose in my young life. I never understood why Mr. P. had a friend like Paul.

To the best of my knowledge, Mr. P. or Paul were never put behind bars for what they did to me or others. Paul put the "fear of God" in me to never tell. After I quit my paper route I did my best to put what took place during that time in my life behind me. Too much mental damage had been done to effectively do that.

I do realize many do not want to hear what those of us who were hurt have to say. I am not out to pick a fight, but tell my story. I rather doubt anyone could bully me more than Mr. P.'s friend did.

One of the "monsters" was an older man that I once loved, he was my first love. It is still my hope that at some point in his life he repented of the things he had done over the years and made peace with God. The same goes for Paul, but I never cared for him.

I apologize that I am not a registered user, but I don't get here that often as you may already know.

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