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My week from Hell!

Posted by Chris on 2011-04-14 23:59:54, Thursday

It is Thursday today and I almost dread going to bed tonight because I have no idea what is coming up for me tomorrow. I know this isn't a very logical way to think but I swear I have never had such a run of bad things happen to me in one week in my life as I have this week.

First of all I threw my back out at work on Monday and had to go home early on Tuesday because it was the worst episode I have ever had with my back. So I tried out a Chiropractor that everyone has been recommending and after he was done with me it hurt even worse and hasn't been much better. Then on Tuesday I also had to BBQ steaks for some friends but when I went to the freezer where I had all my steaks, I found out that the freezer had quit and ruined all of my meat. Oh, but gets better... Then on Wednsday I went to the hospital to get a part for my C-PAP machine but wound up leaving another part there at the hospital so again for the forth day in a row I got absolutely no sleep, which hasn't helped my back problem at all. And now today I get a letter in the mail telling me that the hospital is taking me to court for money that I owe them, even though I have been paying them religiously for two years now and have paid off half of my debt with them. I went and talked to them, thinking it must be some kind of mistake but they reasured me that they are indeed taking me to court and there is nothing I can do about it.

What the hell? I cannot fathom what I have done to deserve all of this but, like I said, I dread what tomorrow will bring. This is unreal!


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