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Re: At what age and why did you know you were a BL?

Posted by bigcalv on 2011-04-02 06:13:24, Saturday
In reply to At what age and why did you know you were a BL? posted by Eldad on 2011-03-31 12:24:29, Thursday

First intimate sexual experience at 10 - anal intercourse with a same age same gender friend.
Attracted to friends at 13 with genital grabbing and mutual masturbation.
Masturbated at 13 by an adult married man, who was a family friend and my employer. Kissed, intimately hugged and masturbated for 10 years by a male church leader (male) who was married and my employer during holidays.
Attracted to boys from age 13-18 when I was aged 13-24.
From 28-48 married with only 1 unfaithful sexual encounter with a male from the past. Sexual fantasies about young males continued during 20 years of marriage. From 48, after divorce, fantasies and pornography exploded! From 56, more sexual experiences with teenage males and some heterosexual experiences.
Recently my attraction has confused me because of attraction to boys as young as 6 and young men up to 24.
My conclusion is that my sexuality is very promiscuous, mainly an ephephile attraction with some homosexual and pedophile elements and some heterosexual attractions from time to time - very unstable!!
Add committed Christian to the mix and life is often very difficult.

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