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Posted by Cat on 2011-03-22 01:46:37, Tuesday
In reply to ...our mission... posted by bigcalv on 2011-03-17 12:55:41, Thursday

Hi bigcalv,

I think the key word in your statement is "overwhelmed"

I believe we are not defined by what we desire... but by what we do.

A man can desire many things but if he recognises that these desires would be inappropriate to act upon and so refrains then he's living a righteous life.

However, if his desires are, as you say, "overwhelming" then he has a problem.

The question is what is overwhelming you?
If it is only the presence of the desires with no struggle to act out, then I'd encourage you to accept yourself and the grace of God who loves you as you are.

If it is a struggle to resist acting out then you have a serious issue to contend with and I suggest one that is difficult to deal with on your own. Having someone to talk to, to pray with and to confess to is very important. If you can establish this before you act out then great. If not then potentially you have legal consequences to face and things become much more complicated.... telling someone your specific details in that case can be very harmful to you.
You need to find a balance between getting help and protecting yourself from unnecessary prejudice and overreaction.
That said, however, getting help if you're struggling with temptation is the best and most biblical thing you can do (see James 5 and 1 John 1).

There is freedom in Christ from acting out... that is a battle you CAN win.
I don't believe there is freedom from sexual desire.... that is something that you have to live with graciously and with self-control.

You are in my prayers brother
Godbless you


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