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oh...not a tear-jerker!

Posted by Chris on 2011-03-18 22:44:53, Friday

Ok, I'm a big sap for a tear-jerker movie. I guess I can't help myself, there is something inside of me that just loves to get all emotional sometimes. I saw this movie at my house with my friends, the Pastor and his wife, and just couldn't help it. My eyes were all red and I was sniffling and struggling to keep my composure. So were they. And yet this is an excellent movie. It is called "Like Dandelion Dust" and it is the story of a little six year old boy who is caught in an adoption that has somehow gone wrong. He was given up for adoption by his real mom because she found that she could not raise him by herself. His real father was sent to prison before he even knew he had a son or that his wife was pregnant. The boy was adopted by a very nice, well-to-do couple who take him into their home and their hearts. After six years the real father gets out of prison a changed man and gets back with his wife who tells him that he has a son. They decide to try to get the boy back and find that they can....and this is all I will tell you about the story.

All I can say is that this movie had me absolutely glued until the very end because there is literally no way you can guess the outcome. The acting is terrific all the way around and I must say that I am in awe of the little boy actor who played the son in this movie. To be so young and so talented, man! This movie was highly recommended by "Christianity Today", which is why I saw it with my Pastor and his wife. When you see it, you will know why it was so highly recommended. I highly recommend it too.


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