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On adult friendships

Posted by Blackstone on 2011-03-13 11:39:51, Sunday

In the past, I have lived a lifestyle without very many adult friends nearby. That's not to say I had no adult friends at all, just that I was able to keep them at a distance as needed. This made it easy to compartmentalize my life so that there was rarely any crossover between my life as a lover of boys and my life as the guy they know. For the most part, none of them ever knew I ever hung out with boys.

I've recently moved into a new community where I have quickly made several acquaintances nearby. I am already friends with the next door neighbor and several other people in the neighborhood and it's just a matter of time before I know most people in the area. It's a much more tightly knit community than I am accustomed to. I like it. I enjoy knowing other people closer to my age that I can hang out with easily.

Unfortunately, this has put me in a situation where I have no idea how to deal with the public. My yf will come visit me very soon and I have no idea how I am going to explain his presence in my life to my new acquaintances. I can't compartmentalize it like I usually do, they are going to see us together often. Should I make new young friends soon, they will see me with them too. I have no desire to go back to a life without boys, but neither do I really want to give up a life of having adult friends nearby. Can the two lifestyles really be compatible? How do I merge "BL me" and "adult friend me"?

How does a single man explain the presence of young boys in his life, specially ones with whom he seems to have a very close relationship? It's easy when people don't really know you and are free to guess that he is your son from a previous marriage or whatever. It seems much more difficult when people know you and you have to explain that he's just your friend who happens to be a preteen.

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