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Re: it doesn't

Posted by Curious on 2011-03-07 09:02:49, Monday
In reply to it doesn't posted by Godspell on 2011-03-06 16:59:42, Sunday

Although I wanted to keep an open mind and hear you guys out I am also skeptical at how abuse can turn a child into a pedophile, but according to psychology and other literature out there one of the causes for pedophilia is childhood sexual abuse.

I have been referring to sex as abuse because the information out there states that childhood sexual ABUSE can lead to pedophilia, it doesn't state that the pedophilia occurred in some children because the sexual interaction they had was so great and pleasurable that it made them turn into pedophiles, its more towards the argument that the displeasure, trauma and feelings of abuse caused the change.

Sort of like the abused becoming the abuser, the victim becoming the perpetrator and I believe some people are susceptible to acting out this way. I am the opposite that any dis-pleasurable I experienced as a child caused me to learn from that and avoid causing others the same pain where as there are people out there who have physically hurt and smacked by their parents and they grow up to do the same to their kids instead of learning from that to avoid it. I think it takes a particular type of mentality to repeat the same abuse caused to them, i feel that's what makes the difference between people who learn from bad and people who try to inflict the same bad onto others.

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