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You may have misunderstood

Posted by Curious on 2011-03-03 13:05:59, Thursday
In reply to Engaging with the ideologies of today posted by Eldad on 2011-03-03 11:27:37, Thursday

I got the sense that you thought this was some argument as you made a comments stating "It is foolish to argue for one or the other exclusively"

But if you go back and read what I said I made it clear that I agree that "nurture also plays a substantial role as does predetermination" and initially explained the reasons for asking the question was to out of curiosity to learn more about how it is possible for something like abuse to trigger someone to become a pedophile, so for me this is not argument for one or the other being more exclusive.

When I suggested we know more about biological sexualities then nurtured I meant that no one can really explain how a childs mentality can suddenly discard a potential sexuality all because they felt some trauma from a sexual experience with an adult and how that was significant reason to change into a pedophile, where as at least with biological reasons people can state that there are certain triggers like testosterone or different in brain matter and etc.

Whether pedophilia is a disease, a burden, mental illness or inconvenience is a different argument all together but I really want to know how abuse can cause a person to end up as pedophile because often psychologists can assume that we all must have been abused as children to have developed into a pedophile yet I was never abused. Obviously there is major significance with being abused and pedophilia yet no one is willing to explain it in depth.

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