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Re: Justin Beiber thread?

Posted by Chris on 2011-02-18 22:33:26, Friday
In reply to Re: Justin Beiber thread? posted by olderandwiser on 2011-02-18 00:47:22, Friday

You know, I'm with Blackstone...I think you are drawing a lot of conclusions about Justin over all the stuff you've seen on You Tube. I just took some time to go to You Tube and check out a bunch of Justin Beiber videos. I saw the ones with Usher and Diddy and to tell you the truth, I really don't see the same thing you do. I see a very nice and talented boy who has made professional acquaintances with some rappers. He seems to be a very intelligent kid and also seems to have some very good people around him as well. He is free to make whatever choices he wants to make in life, so let us hope he makes the right ones. I'll tell you what, in my opinion the whole lifestyle he has chosen to follow could very well be one huge wrong choice. Personally I HATE (yes with large capital letters...) pretty much most of the pop music and pop culture of today. It makes me sick. There is nothing real or sincere about it. Nothing that I can see. Rap music is probably at the top of my "can't stand" list but Heavy Metal is right below it and then all the rest of the so-called music that the modern music "radio" companies are pushing on an unsuspecting public. It's too bad that kids like Justin feel they have to do music like that, especially when they are actually skilled and talented musicians like he is. That too just makes me sick.

Oh don't get me started about music. I thank God there are still some pockets of real music in this world and that it hasn't all been consumed by the big companies and big money. You can go to a Blues festival in almost any state and see real musicians performing music they really believe in. Who aren't just trying to see how much money they can pry out of the hands of anyone and everyone. Who actually care about their fans. There is also Jazz music and Folk music of all kinds. There is, of course, some very good Christian music of all styles. And there is Classical music and choirs (I personally love boy choirs). Just last Sunday at church I took a DVD of a Stevie Ray Vaughan concert to church to let a 15 yr old take home to watch. I don't know if he will like it but at least he will be able to see that there is a larger world of music available to him than he thought there was. At least he will be able to see that there really are artists and musicians who actually care about the music and not just out to make a buck any way they can.

To tell you the truth, I think Justin Bieber is a young teenager who is into the things that all young teenage boys are into, mostly young teenage girls. He is having fun and getting paid for it. He is also missing some other stuff in his life because he is such a famous and popular young man. May God help him to make the best choices in life.


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