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Re: Oh my gosh!

Posted by olderandwiser on 2011-02-15 17:49:15, Tuesday
In reply to Re: Oh my gosh! posted by Cat on 2011-02-14 02:37:53, Monday

Hello. thanks for the reply. Forgive my not using capitals or much punctuation. i am on a tiny keyboard. i dont know how familiar u r with diddy and usher it is known that diddy swings both ways. and that he took usher in at fourteen and had him at orgy parties etc.. many of these hip hop rappers are at least bi. and justin spent 48 ours with diddy. hmm. then gave him a lamorghini for his birthday last and promised him his mansion when he turns 18* see youtube. justin bieber and diddy. diddy is unpopular with the black hip hop ppl because of dishonesty and even possible invovement in biggie small and tupac murders. just google it. i love justins looks and his voice while it lasts. his songs not so much. he isnt the thug type so wtf? and he was on vaity fair cover in eye shadow and lipstick. mmmm. now he is marketing nail polish and unisex cologne. i am very sure he is gay. why wd these guys think he can have cred in that genr.e. more later.

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