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Re: A beautiful video

Posted by qwerty on 2011-01-23 19:17:24, Sunday
In reply to Re: A beautiful video posted by Orphan on 2011-01-23 10:28:37, Sunday

I'm not exactly sure what the phrase "leaves to be desired" means, but I do hope you've listened to most of Eminem's songs if you are going to say "most of the lyrical content...". He has evolved as a rapper over the years. He especially changed after he come out of an alcohol addiction. And it's such that he is commenting on in this song and several others of his. I think there is a main theme in all of his songs, and all of Lil Wayne's songs... and all modern secular rappers, and that's basically this (and excuse my language): Fuck the world. I'm the only thing that matters. Girls are here to please me. If you get in my way, I'll fuck you up.

I agree that Blackstone isn't saying he approves of what they are saying, nor that he recommends this type of music to boys. I didn't intend on my post coming across as if I was saying that, but I totally see how it does seem that way. I guess I was just throwing that out there. Because there are indeed plenty of boys who pretty much only listen to Lil Wayne and Eminem and Ludacris and T-pain and Kayne West and Snoop Dog and Ghostface Killah... those are just a few. And all of these rappers have that same overarching theme in all/most of their songs.

And hear me out, I enjoy Eminem's stuff. I think he's an awesome lyricist and rapper. Some of his songs give me chills and make me feel like I can go out and be invincible. And I suppose that can be great as long as it's kept in context. I believe that music is extremely powerful, and I just wonder how many teens (or even adults) have used the songs of Eminem or Lil Wayne (or any of the other I listed) to get them in the mood to go and do any assortment of crime.

I think that all kids/teens should hear what Eminem has to say. And Lil Wayne and all the others. But they need to understand (and I think there are many teens who simply don't have the capacity to understand) that it's just a song. Just because these rap artists are singing all these outlandish things doesn't mean they are actually living them. Of course, some of them are. Lil Wayne for example sings about smoking weed all the time, and packing heat. And what do you know? He goes to jail for having a weapon without a license. A lot of the rappers sing about the hood and being a gangsta but actually don't know anything about that life because they never lived it, they just know it connects with their audience. So here we have people rapping passionately about things which they know nothing about. Jay-Z actually is from a ghetto, and he is actually decent person from what I can tell. Granted a lot of his lyrics follow the same lyrical tune as the other rappers.

Wow... I'll step down from my soap box. *Steps back up* One last thing, I'm also not very old. I'm still in the age where all this music is targeted. I believe that music effects us regardless of if we are aware of it. I've witnessed all this rap/hip hop music and propaganda change people. Some of my close friends even. And they still to this day refuse to believe the music helped cause the change in them. Garbage in, garbage out. (I don't believe that in every circumstance, but I think it applies here). Okay... *steps back down*.

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